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Nelson’s Plight

Terminus X-Book 3


Terminus X is a story that is based on an unprecedented disaster when the sun ejects a massive cloud of charged plasma particles, which heats the Earth’s core to a point the planet is shattered into fragments around its molten core and moon.

When Travis and Nelson successfully escape the clutches of the priests, they are taken on board Hudac’s ship where Travis creates a factious story stating that they are part of the Vanguard clan in order to remain under their protection. But peace does not last long and Rayon (The head priest) kidnaps Nelson and takes him back to their village for a special announcement.
Meanwhile, with the war escalating between the HumaniX and Xigen—due to the assassination of their leader—Travis is entrusted with vital news that could halt the war and allow peace talks to take place. With a new co-pilot acting as his Navigator, Travis reluctantly heads of in search for the HumaniX battle fleet.