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No Ordinary Love

By Sibelle Stone   

Mina is different and everyone in her small town knows it. Since her illness she’s stayed within the confines of her father’s toy shop, rarely venturing out in fear of being ridiculed. When an old friend appears in the shop on Christmas Eve, Mina is reminded of past losses and the bleak, lonely future she faces without love.

Bern is one of the Kaiser’s personal guardsmen. He’s chosen his military career over personal dreams, but when he enters the toyshop of an old friend, he’s reminded of everything he gave up to be successful.

Mina and Bern rekindle a friendship that quickly grows into love, but Mina harbors a terrible secret that could destroy any future they might have together, and Bern is a soldier who must do his duty. Can these two lonely hearts find a way to be happy together?