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Not Quite a Princess

By Karen Hall   

When faced with the loss of her family diner, Jordan Griffith agrees to pose as the fiancée of European prince for two weeks to help him save a challenge to his throne in exchange for a six-figure sum. And even though Prince Phillipe Montremoncery is straight out of a fairy tale, it’s his equally handsome emissary and best friend, Perry Quasthoff who makes Jordan’s heart race. But things go awry and it looks like Jordan might have to marry Phillipe after all. Does she declare her love for Perry or marry Phillipe to help him save his throne?

Since his wife’s death, Perry Quasthoff only wants to serve his country and raise his young son. Love has no place in this equation. When Prince Phillipe’s cousin, Willem, threatens to take the throne, Perry vows to stop him. But when southern beauty Jordan Griffith becomes part of the plan to stop Willem by posing as Phillipe’s fiancée, Perry finds himself falling in love with her. But as their plan falls apart, and it looks like Phillipe and Jordan will have to marry after all, Perry is caught between the love he never thought to find again ohis sworn duty to his prince and his country.