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On the Rebound

The Magical Marriage Bureau Book 1

By Julie Kavanagh   

History hadn’t proved kind to the Wise sisters and their well-meaning attempts at matchmaking, but when they decided to embrace the modern age and advertise their skills on the Internet, they discovered how a local young woman needed their unorthodox help.

Susannah Donnelly had found her one true love, but their path hadn’t run smoothly and she and Bertie had gone their own ways. Reluctantly, and after much persuasion by her mother, Susannah turned to the Wise sisters and their Magical Marriage Bureau.

Susannah wanted a man to love, to marry and raise a family with, although it all sounded a little old-fashioned, even to her ears, because girls weren’t supposed to think like that these days. They were supposed to want it all – the high-powered job, the fancy car, the gorgeous apartment and the list of lovers.

Bertie had been that man, and through her own actions she had lost him and his love. Could the weird Wise sisters bring true love back into Susannah’s life?