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Princess Q-feuillea (Terminus X)

Terminus X - 5


With the Earth forever changed, Travis Medwin and Nelson Porter live in a world in which the strongest lives. After enrolling a race that could solve their financial problems, the two are separated by an act of fate and Travis tries valiantly to reunite himself with his friend who had been taken captive by the malevolent Priests.

After dropping off his new co-pilot on the deck of the capital ship, Travis decides to land outside the royal palace and safe the Xigen Princess from the attack that could escalate the war and end all chance of peace. However, when Travis gets cornered into a room he comes face to face with the one person he did not expect to see, the Princess.

Meanwhile the plight of Nelsons situation darkens as Rayon, the leader of the West Order, dives into Nelsons mind and buries all trace of his original life. Fighting him every step of the way, the young man learns startling revelations that begin to explain the drastic actions the Priests have been taking.