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Quite the Catch


Gabriela Concepción’s world turns upside down when a local cartel, demanding her brother return their money, blows up her father’s tourist fishing boat off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia, killing her father and brother. She survives only because vacationing doctor Royce Haddon pulls her into his boat and takes her to a nearby hospital. Her injuries and beauty keep him by her side overnight, and when he realizes Gabriela has amnesia, he knows his vacation plans have changed.

Frightened by her lack of memory, Gabriela sees the handsome stranger as the only safe port in a suddenly scary world. Together, she and Royce walk about Cartagena, trying simultaneously to jog her memory and avoid the cartel. When they try reuniting Gabriela with her mother, the cartel meet them at the family home, a struggle ensues. Gabriela shoots and kills two cartel thugs, solving one problem and creating another.

Now wanted by the cartel and the police, Gabriela and Royce retreat to a hotel room. Realizing the stolen cartel money is the key. To their survival, and maybe, if they’re lucky, their future.