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The Red-Haired Assassin

Under Every Sky Book 1

By Julie Kavanagh   

Malachi has lost everything in his life, his family, his right to his throne and now his precious sister has been taken prisoner by the man Malachi has been trying to avoid. He must allow himself to be captured so he may save Lisabeth from becoming his enemy’s wife although it has placed him in certain danger.

Rozalaine is proud and beautiful and stands protective over the usurper’s throne. She doesn’t expect the fierce attraction she feels for the handsome, former Prince but it’s too late for that to matter. She has a deadly plan to kill the usurper prince so Malachi can regain his birthright, but first she must convince Malachi of her fealty to his cause.
“She’s a traitor,” Malachi spat. “I saw her this morning as Padiskan left her bed.”
“You’ve been watching my house?” Her eyes narrowed as her hand reached for a dagger that wasn’t there.
Once aware of her plan, Malachi tries to force her to give it up, but Rozalaine has her own reasons for wanting the Usurper dead and refuses to accept Malachi’s power over her.

“You don’t have the authority to stop me,” Roz hissed, incensed by his arrogance. He wasn’t Prince yet and would only become so once she had completed her self-imposed mission.

Can Malachi find a way to stop Rozalaine’s certain death, or will he lose the only woman worthy of his love?