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The Rescue (Terminus X Book 5)

Terminux X Book 5


With the Earth forever changed, Travis Medwin and Nelson Porter live in a world in which the strongest lives. After enrolling a race that could solve their financial problems, the two are separated by an act of fate and Travis tries valiantly to reunite himself with his friend who had been taken captive by the malevolent Priests.

With Princess Q-feuillea safely on board Hudac cruiser, Travis now has the time and ability to search for his friend. Reluctantly Hudac agree to let the man leave in search for his friend. But in doing so, he would have to sneak into the Priests homeland and break him out.

But unknown to Travis, the malevolent priests had completely brainwashed his friend to serve their needs and that of the Xigen. Upon finding him in a posh, well-established room, he uncovers the startling truth that Nelsonwas no long the man he used to be.