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Return to the Town Beneath the Christmas Tree

By JR Wirth   

Two years removed from their Christmas escapade with Jacob, Hailey and Isaiah decide to investigate the Christmas magic that seemed to start with the power of their grandfather’s Christmas tree. They set out to find where the magic could have begun. After narrowing down the possibilities, they decide to go to the Walmart warehouse, the last place the tree would have been before being sent to the local store where it was purchased. When they get there, strange things begin to happen. Just before they enter, Hailey and Isaiah are met by a fully clothed Santa who invites them into what appears to be Santa’s workshop, then not. They leave with a magical drone that has adopted Isaiah as its owner. From there, things get even stranger, and soon all the cousins find themselves within the drone, and are taken on a magical ride back to the town beneath their grandfather’s Christmas tree—the place where it all began.