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Seaside Playboy

The Mac Brothers Book 2

By Jennifer Conner   

Donnan MacDonald came back to Highland Bay to help his brothers bring an aging seaside resort they inherited back to its glory.

Donnan’s grown tired of his old life of bouncing from beach to beach and woman to woman. He wants to find a home and look forward to the future. But his brothers still think all he wants is his playboy life. He can’t seem to change their minds.

Emina arrives at the Seaside Escape resort for her bachelorette party. Emina is desperately trying to think of a plan to stop her wedding to a man she does not love, but there’s more at stake than anyone knows.

Donnan can’t deny the white-hot chemistry between him and Emina, but married or soon to be married women are off his radar. If he’s going to change, he needs to commit and keep Emina at an arm’s length.

When her story begins to unfold, what are Donnan and Emina willing to do to stop her wedding? They have shared their deepest secrets; can this transform into love against impossible odds?