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Selfie Sessions

By Beth Wilson   

Holly wants to show her no-good ex, Mike, she doesn’t need him, and what better way than to say yes when his best friend Derek asks her out? To make sure Mike sees, she snaps plenty of selfies and posts them online.

Derek’s in on the plan to make Mike jealous, but he’s also nursing a secret crush on Holly. Since this may be his only chance to go out with her, he plans to enjoy it while it lasts.

Holly isn’t looking for a relationship, but when Derek invites her horseback riding on his farm, she decides to reciprocate with another night out, and then another. Her sister tells her Derek has stars in his eyes, but she only sees a friend who’s more fun than she ever realized.

In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, Derek starts to think he can win Holly over. As long as Mike stays out of the picture