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The Snowman Anthology: Christmas Stories

The Snowman Anthology

By Jennifer Chambers   Julie Kavanagh   Lexie Stewart   Mariah L. Radtke   Tori L. Wilson   

Snowman In Australia – Lexie Stewart


Kyle is adamant: he does not want to be sent on a week long trip to a bush cabin to supervise thirteen high school students for their end of year activity week.

It’s not the snake and spiders that worry Kyle. Nor is it the heat or sleeping in a bunk bed. What has Kyle up in arms and protesting the assignment is the teacher he has to share his supervising duties with- Miss Tessa Dower.

They know what happened at last years staff Christmas party, a brief but memorable encounter they’ve avoided speaking about proffering awkward silences and taking subtle pot-shots at each other.

After all, it is Christmas.



The Best Snowman in the World – Julie Kavanagh

Jeannie arrives back in her hometown with her two sons to start a new life, but she finds nothing is easy at Christmas. Her youngest son, Joel has difficulty understanding the world as we see it, and Brody, fourteen, just wants to go home.

One kiss convinces her that not all men are like Matt, the husband she left behind, but his unexpected arrival threatens her plans to start her new life.

Does true love conquer all at Christmas?

Christmas at Patterprint’s Café – Jennifer Chambers

Betty Patterson arrives to start the baking at her newly successful start-up café to find a window smashed in– and it might end up to be a problem that shakes the foundation of her small Oregon town.

Even her business is getting better as the local economy adapts from the logging slowdown, and the locals are accepting her enough for her to have “regulars.”

But Maple Grove harbors secrets. Greed is as present there as it is anywhere, and it does not often care who gets hurt. Who will get hit by violence next in Maple Grove? And can Betty finally get her romance with Ahanu in third gear by Christmas?

Enjoy a sweet romance with a dash of mystery and pull up a chair for a taste of small-town Oregon at Christmas at Patterson’s Café.



Christmas on the Beach – Tori L. Wilson

Aria spends her days living in a small one bedroom apartment on Jekyll Island with her adorable cat, Salem. Every day, she lives out her dream creating new paintings and selling them to customers online. Despite all of this, however, she still feels as though she is missing something. One crisp December morning, she meets a man on the beach by chance. Erik, a handsome Korean man, is visiting the island for Christmas.

Will their love blossom regardless of the freezing weather or will tragedy grip Erik’s heart in its icy clutches?



The Christmas Aria – Mariah L. Radtke

Trevor Thomas is a widowed father at the end of his rope. His teenage son, Jakob has recently been expelled causing Trevor to uproot his business and their lives from the bustling city of Indianapolis to the small town of Williamsburg in hopes of a fresh start.

Adelaide Daniels is a former opera singer teaching at Williamsburg High. After leaving the stage, Adelaide feels that she has finally found her true calling as a choir teacher.

But after Jakob is caught fighting at school, Adelaide and Trevor are thrown together. While Adelaide struggles to help her new student, she finds herself drawn to his quiet and serious father. Trevor becomes infatuated with the choir teacher but feels compelled to distance himself from the vibrant and free woman that reminds him of painful memories.
Together, the two must learn that in order to have a future, you have to forgive the past.