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A Sprig of White Heather (Cursed Highlanders Book 1)

Cursed Highlanders Book 1

By Julie Kavanagh   

Cameron Mackenzie loses his true love in a brutal attack, and blaming it on his mistress, she curses him and his friends to eternal life unless he can find his true love once again. After five hundred years of loneliness and guilt, Cameron meets Caitlyn, a woman who has recently divorced her cheating husband. Emotions spark between them, but for the wrong reasons and Cameron suspects she is the evil witch who cursed him.

Caitlyn still reeling from the after-shocks of her broken marriage is attracted to the dark, broody Scot but he frightens her although she can’t explain why.

Something is happening in the remote Scottish hotel Caitlyn has come to experience and she begins to fear for her life.
What is going on and what dark magic haunts her dreams?

Can she escape with her life or is the brooding Cameron her destiny?