Star-Crossed Lovers

By Julie Kavanagh   

Juliet Capulet, like her namesake loves a boy called Roman Montague who doesn’t know she
exists. Accepted by the Magical Marriage Bureau as an unwitting client, Juliet becomes part of
the Wise sisters’ plot to reunite the two families despite a generation of wounded feelings and a
broken heart.
“Unrequited love!” Elsie gasped, it was painfully obvious now. Juliet loved her Roman/Romeo
from afar. How much more romantic could it be?
Abigail, Clarissa and Elsie Wise are determined to discover the causes of hatred between the
Capulets and Montagues so Juliet and Roman can learn the power of true love.
But the path to true love is never smooth and the Wise sister must uncover the mysteries hidden
with these families.
Will history repeat itself?
Will Juliet lose the only boy she's ever loved?