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Sunset Kisses

Sunset Beach Romance Book 1

By Angela Ford   

Alivia Jones yearned for success, or so she thought. A full scholarship to Columbia took her out of the small dull town she grew up in. There she left her childhood sweetheart Jacob Adams broken-hearted and never looked back; until an invitation for her tenth reunion arrived.

On her climb to success on Wall Street she sold her soul to the CEO of Financial Freedom, Brent Atwood. Rich, successful with a body no woman could deny; he wanted Alivia and she wanted his signature on her paycheck. Her emotional struggle to stay with him tore her apart until she finally realized and admitted that he did not own her. His threat to ruin her on Wall Street no longer scared her. She quit her job, ended her arrangement with Brent and left to meet her best friends in Sunset Beach for their reunion.

Her hesitation to see Jacob again disappeared with a reunion under the tall oak at sunset. One sunset, one kiss reunites a love that never left her heart. Will sunset kisses and one crazy idea keep Alivia in Sunset Beach?