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The Christmas Aria

The Snowman Anthology

By Mariah L. Radtke   

Trevor Thomas is a widowed father at the end of his rope. His teenage son, Jakob has recently been expelled causing Trevor to uproot his business and their lives from the bustling city of Indianapolis to the small town of Williamsburg in hopes of a fresh start.
Adelaide Daniels is a former opera singer teaching at Williamsburg High. After leaving the stage, Adelaide feels that she has finally found her true calling as a choir teacher.

But after Jakob is caught fighting at school, Adelaide and Trevor are thrown together. While Adelaide struggles to help her new student, she finds herself drawn to his quiet and serious father. Trevor becomes infatuated with the choir teacher but feels compelled to distance himself from the vibrant and free woman that reminds him of painful memories.

Together, the two must learn that in order to have a future, you have to forgive the past.