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The Christmas Conundrum

By Karen Hall   

Victorian London is about to celebrate another Christmas as widower and barrister Daniel Hollingsworth struggles with his decision to re-enter not only politics but the marriage game as well. After all, he’s only in his fifties, the best time of life for a man, and the attentions of a politician’s lovely widow are tempting indeed. But the growing presence of pretty, liberal newspaper owner, suffragist and widow Tabitha Goforth is turning his life upside down, dragging him into all kinds of crazy causes. Not a suitable kind of wife for a politician. So why is his heart wondering if perhaps “that woman” ,the most troublesome woman in London, might be the best running mate after all?

Widow Tabitha Goforth may be “that woman”, but with her own liberal newspaper and so many causes to uphold-why stay silent? And it’s such fun to goad barrister Daniel Hollingsworth-if only because he helped send her older daughter to jail. But when Hollingsworth helps a pupil from her younger daughter’s school out of a legal tangle, she finds herself drawn to the handsome widower, stirring up old longings she thought she would never feel again. Will she be ringing in the New Year alone or will Hollingsworth’s kiss prove to be headiest cup Christmas cheer-the chance to love and be loved once more.