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The Day of the Dead

By JR Wirth   

Things are going well for Sham Jones. It’s his senior year in high school and he’s in love. To top it off, it’s a Thursday and the last day of school for the week leading to a four-day weekend. What could be better than spending a long weekend with his girlfriend, Cali? As they make their way to Cali’s car, an unfamiliar, but stylish Trans Am pulls into the spot next to Cali’s. The driver gets out and immediately eyes Cali, who returns longing glances. And just like that Sham is no longer Cali’s love interest, cast aside like a broken Christmas ornament to make room for the new, shiny decoration.

Things get worse as the driver, simply known as Red, seems to seduce the entire student body with seemingly evil intentions during the weeks leading to Halloween. On Halloween, Red takes Cali, dressed in an angel costume, for a drive to the area known as never-ever-land, where young ladies are presumed to have disappeared and/or murdered. Sham and Cali’s best friend, Lin, wait all night for her return.

When Cali doesn’t return, Sham and Lin set out to rescue Cali from an awful fate on Dia de los Muertos—the Day of the Dead.