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The Mobile Mistletoe Series 2

The Mobile Mistletoe Series 2

By Jennifer Conner   Natalie-Nicole Bates   Samna Ghani   

No matter the season, mistletoe and magic are in the air.

Bad Boy’s Second Chance – Jennifer Conner
What if you ran into the boy you broke up with from high school?
Thane was Iris’s first love, She’d often questioned why she left him to go away to college, breaking his heart in the process. He’d been the “bad boy” then. But things change. People change. He was a man now.

When her life takes a dark turn, she reaches out to the only man who ever loved her-Thane. Would he be there for her? Will a second chance at love be enough to heal old wounds?

Rules of Love – Natalie-Nicole Bates
On the surface, Paige Paget seems to have it all. She’s beautiful, confident, successful, and the co-owner of a new business, Cheer-Mania Academy, with her sister, Polly.
But beneath her seemingly charmed life, Paige is a woman stifled by rules.
When she meets Jordy Evans, the brother and now guardian of Paige’s fourteen year old student, Gabrielle, she believes Jordy may be the man of her dreams.
Dating a man with the responsibility of parenting a teen means a whole new set of rules, and Paige isn’t so sure she can handle it.
But the rules of love might not let Paige get away so easy!

Love Around the Corner – Samna Ghani
Serena Henderson, owner of the Book Corner, is next in line to wear the mistletoe headband. The only thing is that she does not believe that a silly headband could help her find the love of her life.
Her faith in the mistletoe magic begins when she meets Jason Wright, a smart, sexy and happy-go-lucky guy who seems to have walked right out of the pages of a romance novel.
Serena is torn between her pessimistic doubts about Jason and her optimistic hope for love. Could Jason be the one? Should she trust her heart and how he makes her feel or should she abandon the hope of finding true love?

Sugarplum Christmas – Natalie-Nicole Bates
Plum Watkins, proprietress of the Sugarplum Café, is well known for her kindness and generosity to others, especially around Christmas. But how far can her kindness stretch?
David Hunter is a man on an adventure. He’s left a lucrative job and a comfortable life to seek out new meaning, and a story to tell the world. But after a few months on the road, he is more disillusioned than ever.
When Plum brings David into her home and her café, she sees beyond the disheveled, flu stricken man she assumes is homeless. Little does she know, David is not what he seems.
As they grow closer, Plum feels she’s finally found true love. When David finally reveals all, will they enjoy a magical first Christmas together, or will Plum be left to never trust again?