The Present Problem

By Julie Kavanagh   

Ellie has come home to spent the festive holiday with her family and, while she’s always pleased to see her family, she hasn’t told them the whole truth. 

After quitting dramatically from her job and spending her last few pennies on fuel to get home, she’s completely penniless and it’s nearly Christmas. Her foray into the big city proved to be a total waste of time and she knows she’s better off back in her small home town.  

But knowing how much her family likes to treat everyone with beautiful presents, she needs to find a way to earn some money.

When the customer she’d accidentally covered in Mississippi Mud pie turns up at her parents’ house, Ellie is both shocked and furious until she discovers she’s not the reason he’s there.

Joel, tall, good-looking and seemingly wealthy takes a shine to Ellie and he’s determined to find her better side although his friend and her brother insists she doesn’t have one.

Can Joel break through Ellie’s hardened exterior to capture her warm heart beneath? 

Will Ellie see the kind heart  Joel hides from the world?

Will this be the Happy Ever After they both desire?