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The Seers: Love and Terror on the Fourth of July

By JR Wirth   

On their annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas, Nevada, to stay with family, on the Fourth of July, an unsuspecting family is hit by lightning. In the aftermath, Jess the father of the family, finds that he can see future tragedy in the eyes of others. The gift, or curse, causes much anxiety, and at the suggestion of his seven-year-old girl, Jade, he goes to the Stratosphere in search of a two-dollar blackjack table, where Jade promises he’ll get lucky. What he finds is a lucky table, not only in terms of money, but also love. Jess meets a woman he’s destined to meet, who coincidentally, is also gifted with the ability to see others’ misfortunate futures. Unbeknownst to them, so can Jade, but she sees only good in people. Together their gifts are full of electric memories.