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The True Story of Riad Khashoggi – Rebel Sheikh

By Alan Delaney   

Based on the Memoirs of Riad Khashoggi, brother of Jamal Khashoggi
This book gives answers to the burning questions of Journalists regarding the drama surrounding Jamal Khashoggi. Jamal was the little brother of Riad Khashoggi, who always warned him not to get into this world….

This fascinating and thrilling story tells of the ultimate insider of the Saudi Arabian high society, the political insider Saudi scene. A world to which ordinary mortals virtually never have access—to elegant salons, immeasurable might, fairytale-like wealth, and brutal politics…along with the Secret Service, CIA, politicians, princes, kings and corruption. It’s a mysterious world behind opaque veils that are rarely if ever, lifted.

Sheikh Riad Khashoggi was born, not only into one of the oldest but also into one of the most powerful families in Arabia. His family, dating back 800 years, produced kings, sultans, muftis, ministers, scholars (including the first female nuclear physicist), and generals. This captivating story starts off with his grandfather, Hamza, the mighty Sheikh of the Khashoggi family and a major figure in Medina, who had dealings with Lawrence of Arabia leading up to the fascinating and thrilling story that made Sheikh Riad into one of the most powerful players in the Saudi scene until he, himself, became the target of the special interests. His perception of justice ultimately lead to the assassination of King Faisal and his best friend, the Foreign Minister, along with the overthrow of his close friend, the head of the Saudi Arabian CIA and brother-in-law of the king.

Yet, despite his background, Sheikh Riad was extremely just and human. He fought for freedom and democracy.

This view of life and attitude didn’t make him any friends… When he emerged as a freedom fighter who made history, not only for his actions but by writing the Freedom Manifesto… the hunter, became the hunted…


The names of some political figures have been altered out of respect and to protect their identity.