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The Untold: Stories From World War II

By D.W. Saur   

What if the villain isn’t who you think he was? What if you are called to risk it all by going behind enemy lines? What if your skills require you to take another’s life?

The Untold: Stories from World War II is a historical fiction novella divided between three stories that address these questions with a series of twists.

In A Crime Against Humanity a courtroom full of press and attendees glare at the man accused of murdering thousands of Jews at the concentration camp known as Schwarzes Wasser. Commandant Karl Müller admits to every horrible deed committed in enough detail that his fate is sealed. However, there’s more to Karl’s story than just the crimes committed.

When Karl’s story ends, veteran Luke Taylor retells his story in Flashbacks. Born into a military family, Luke, along with almost fifty other boys, was groomed to be spies in the mission codenamed Project Loki. It took decades for Luke to realize that infiltrating the Nazi war machine was the easiest part of his mission.

The Untold comes full circle in The Eastern Front when a graduate student unlocks the story between the cryptic pages of Oksana Gribanov’s diary. The diary reveals her time of service as a sharpshooter during the siege in Leningrad and beyond.