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Valentine In Love

By Samna Ghani   

Valentine In Love, four short, sweet holiday stories so you will fall in love.

Scottish Valentine – Addison James
What’s worse than being jilted weeks before your wedding? Finding yourself alone in romantic Edinburgh Scotland on Valentine’s Day. Then having your shoulder bag stolen. American Jeanne Wilcox finds herself searching through Edinburgh landmarks with a handsome, helpful Scotsman with a gorgeous accent. But when her ex-fiancé tries to makes amends, will she find love old or new?

A Cookie for Two – Natasha Lane
Daniella’s sitting alone in a Korean restaurant after being stood up twice in two weeks. She’s irritated, confused, angry and cold because as a California girl she still hasn’t adjusted to the Michigan cold. She’s surrounded by snow, but s dreaming of warm weather and her family when someone places a warm bowl of soup in front of her…

One of Those Days – Samna Ghani
Elizabeth Jennings has hit a low point in her life. Unstable job, poor financial situation and complex personal issues that make her just want to curl up and sit at home. Then she crashes into Neil Baldwin. Literally. And nothing is the same after that. In a span of one day, Elizabeth finds her very own Valentine miracle. It’s sweet, it’s unexpected and it comes in a neatly wrapped package in the form of Neil Baldwin. Just one of those days we all dream of.

When Love Comes to Call – Carol Ritten Smith
Blind dates, do they ever work out? After a couple of dud dates, Karen is sceptical. But when she opens the front door to Richard, she feels an immediate attraction, and judging my Richard’s mannerism it seems that attraction is mutual. Maybe her co-worker—and persistent matchmaker—has finally picked a winner? Sadly, just when things get serious, Karen learns that Richard is definitely not the man she fell in love with. Try as he might, Richard can’t convince Karen to explain why she suddenly detests him. But he refuses to lose the two most important people in his life. What will it take to win them back? Something none of them want and certainly not on Valentine’s day.