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Weapons Policies

Worth It Book 2

By Beth Wilson   

After five years of preparation—earning her college degree and waiting for her kids to reach an age where they can handle the change—Jennifer botches her attempt to leave her marriage. The fallout ruins her plans for her new life, even though she gets her divorce in the end. She still has her new career, though, and directing activities at a nursing home allows her to focus on making other people happy.

Since the day George married Jennifer, fresh out of high school, he’s worked his ass off to support his family. Her role as wife and mother has never been enough for her, though, and her new career is proof she doesn’t need him. The kids still need her, but they only want George, and that evens the score some after the way she treated him.

When Jennifer can’t keep her personal and professional lives from colliding, everything she’s worked for starts to fall apart. Then George’s parenting mistakes lead to an accident with permanent consequences.