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Weird Romance Anthology

Weird Romance Book 4

By Alison Jean Ash   JW Stacks   

Cattin’ Around – JW Stacks
John McGill wasn’t looking for love when he became Commander (for life) of the secretive Applied Science Concepts and he certainly didn’t expect it to come in the form of a hybrid cat woman who drove both his heads crazy. The only problem? She wants nothing from him other than frequent booty calls.

Katya (formerly Amy) is dealing with her own problems, namely a split personality and the attentions of a man who wants to take things to a level of relationship that scares the hell out of her. Why someone as perfect as he is would be interested in her is beyond her and she’ll be damned if he throws away his career over a freakshow.
It’ll take the efforts of a flirty artificial intelligence, a lost child, and a radioactive zombie to try to set things right.

Staying Alive – Alison Jean Ash
Nerdy scientist Egbert January has been Octavia Buck’s “Uncle Egg” for twenty-two years. The adorable baby that just happens to have four tentacles in addition to the more usual arms and legs has grown up to be a beautiful young woman who looks like a cross between an octopus and a Hindu goddess—a goddess with some remarkable sexual skills. Eg has a few skills of his own, and he hates to watch Tavi wasting hers on a guy who doesn’t treat her right. (He can’t stop watching, though, through his secret observation window.) Add Catherine Buck, Tavi’s unconscious mother, whose latent telekinetic skills are awakened by Tavi’s visits, and Luke, a vengeful ex-boyfriend whose plan to annoy Tavi goes spectacularly haywire, for a bizarre, steamy and ultimately romantic tale.

From the Deep – Elizabeth Inglee-Richards
Erica Sunthorn came to the Tank to study Human Whale communication. Quantum entangled nano-bots invented by her partner Jeremy Gadsby give her a mental link with the whale she works with. She hadn’t expected to fall in love with Jeremy. She really hadn’t expected to fall in love with the mind of the whale she had bonded with. Two loves, one human and one so much more. How do you choose between a man you love and the being who can see your heart?