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When Lovers Meet

By Angel Ray   

“Freelance” bouncer Dalton Ewing is a mysterious man with mysterious secrets. And former lawyer Vanessa Calla is determined to find out just what those “secrets” are. Vanessa and Dalton begin a passionate affair after he rescues her one night from a drunken thug at a bar where he’s currently working as a bouncer called Lucky’s. As their romance blossoms, Dalton shares with Vanessa not only his bed but also the memories and secrets of his painful past, a past which causes him not to get too close to anyone or stay in one place for too long.

Vanessa likewise lets down her guard and allows herself to be loved again after her own painful past involving her ex-husband Brett who left her for another woman and her estranged father Joseph, himself a powerful attorney, who left her beloved mother Deborah for a younger woman. Vanessa is determined to show Dalton that he can allow someone into his heart (and not just his bed) without being emotionally devastated in the process.