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Whispers from the Silence

By Tim Cagle   

J. W. Steele’s lifelong dream is to be a songwriter. He is an ex-New England Patriots’ quarterback, and was stuck in a marriage he once described as “six years confined to a Turkish prison with occasional time off to go to small appliance sales with the warden,” until she left him. After moving to Nashville, he finds his soul mate, Angela Trappani (“Trapp”). They fall in love, call their act ‘Steele Trapp Mind’, and write songs by waiting for the silence to whisper the lyrics.

The sky’s the limit until tragedy strikes. Trapp’s father is a victim of securities fraud, loses everything and suffers a stroke. Although she has quit practicing law, Trapp moves back to Houston to take over his practice. Once there, she and J. W. become estranged after she rekindles a past romantic relationship. J. W. fights to win her back but nothing works. That’s when he grabs his Martin guitar and pleads with music for help.

The silence starts to whisper. Finally, he knows exactly what to do