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Wicked on the Wind Series: A Door in the Tree, The Witch in the Stones, A Storm Breaks

Wicked on the Wind Series

By Alison Jean Ash   Julie Kavanagh   

Magical romances set in the contemporary English countryside, and the fight for good vs. evil.

The Door in the Tree – Alison Jean Ash
Recently escaped from an abusive marriage only to return to her abusive mother, this time with a disrespectful, guilt-tripping teenage son in tow, Cecily is broke, depressed, and hopeless. When a door opens in the tree she always thought was enchanted, how can she not go through it? In a land of wild magic where legends walk and ancient tales come true, Cecily will find new friends and new dangers —and come face to face with all her old nightmares.

The Witch in the Stones – Julie Kavanagh
Tanyth Harris has found a new home in Stow on the Wold, a small English market town but she hasn’t outrun her past. When the bad dreams start up again, Tanyth starts to suspect an unearthly reason for them. When she meets Aiden Williams, she recognizes him as her lover from her nightmares.
Aiden seeks a peaceful vacation, whilst investing for a documentary and was drawn to quiet Stow. When he rents a room from Tanyth, the past starts to merge with the present.
The more Tanyth delves into the past, the more she finds herself entwined. Stow is not the quaint little town it seems on the surface with a sinister history of witchcraft and devilment.
Can Tanyth overcome her past and truly embrace her future? Or will the past repeat itself and sentence her to a death at the hands of the man she loves?

A Storm Breaks – Julie Kavanagh
Hannah Stevenson inherits a home in the Cotswolds when her grandmother Violet passes away and leaves her job as a cruise-ship lounge singer to start her own herbal bath and body business there. She knows about some of the extrasensory powers she’s inherited from Violet, but not about the resident malevolent goddess, Maeve, bent on destroying her. She’s surprised to learn that she’s not the only person of the Craft in the area, either—and then there’s her new, very intriguing neighbor Edward. Will Hannah be able to master her control to help fight back Maeve and save their town? And will she allow herself to care about him?