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Wings of a Dove

Those Flirty Forties and Nifyt Fifties book 2

By Amanda Ward   

What happens when three siblings discover the past twenty years have been a lie?

On Christmas Eve, Bed and Breakfast owner Joy Welles will take a step into her happy ever after and finally wed her long-time love Christian Moore. However an accident earlier in the year during the Inn’s expansion renders her immobile. Christian hires extra staff and even recruits three high school students for work experience. The teenage boy becomes the first piece in a puzzle that Joy must solve.

In the sequel to the Bed & Breakfast Man, the box Joy placed all her past memories and experiences is finally opened. Secrets are revealed, manipulation and deceit exposed. With Christian’s unwavering love for her and faith in her strength of character, Joy is determined to uncover the truth and fit all the pieces of the jigsaw together. No matter how many are missing.
Will Joy and Christian get their happy ending? Or will the ghosts of Joy’s past engulf and destroy her?