Amy L. Bernstein

Amy L. Bernstein writes for the page, the stage, and forms in between. She is a multi-genre fiction author, ranging from young adult to speculative to romance.  So many stories to tell and so many genres to explore!

Amy was a 2020 finalist for the Petrichor Prize for fiction from Regal House Publishing.

“Unexpected Gifts” is a short story that reads like a fast novella, offering a crazy blend of Christmas, a whirlwind romance, and a paranormal presence—and starring a school principal, who gets the guy. How often does that happen?

Unexpected Gifts

By Amy L. Bernstein   

Newly minted middle-school principal Charlene Klosterman falls hard and fast for the father of a student, Leo Ball, who speaks to ghosts. Sparks (and snowflakes) fly between the principal and handsome single dad Jeremiah Ball, as they join forces to help Leo appease the noisy Mistress Calypso—a ghost with an unusual demand.

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