Dayle King Searle

Dayle King Searle has spent most of her life in small Idaho towns, much of it on a farm. As a freelance writer her work has appeared in a wide variety of publications including Rocky Mountain Gardening, Zone 4 Magazine, Farm Times, The Ensign, and The New Era. She and her husband, Ron, have six children and an ever growing number of grandchildren. Dayle, who holds a bachelor’s degree in horticulture, works as a landscape designer. She combines her passions for writing, gardening, and her family in her blog at

The Reluctant Courtship of Jack Allan

By Dayle King Searle   

Jack Allan cannot count the number of times he’s been approached with invitations beginning something like, “My sister has a friend…” It seems as if everyone in the small town of Corbett, Idaho, is intent on finding a wife for him–everyone except for Jack himself. The townspeople gossip that this is because Jack, […]

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