Francine Rena Fried

Francine Rena Fried was born in Denver, Colorado.
Fitzimmons Army Hospital. She swears she is not an Army brat.
The family moved to Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Ms. Fried is an Abstract poet who deals with Romantic issues in an irreverent way.
Other published works include, “Revolutions Per Minute,” poetry depicting her college years,
“Mommie Pajamie,” a memoir for her mother that explores grief and loss.
“Sex With A Twist of Lime,” detailing a string of strange relationships and friendships.
Ellen Got The Girl is her first Novella.
She currently resides in the Greater Philadelphia area. She loves mangoes.
Francine Rena Fried hopes you like Ellen and Kate.

Ellen got the Girl

By Francine Rena Fried   

Written in a unique poetry form, Ellen Got The Girl is a coming out story, a spiritual and sexual intersection.

Would Kate stick around long enough to get well? Or, would she take the bus back to NYC or worse yet, commit suicide? Ellen gave it her all. She was loyal. Now, […]

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