K.N. Licavoli

Katie is a Freelance Article, Fiction, and Creative Non-Fiction writer.

She has a small collection of published pieces both online and in print that can be found on her blog, “The Good Stuff” at knlicavoli.wordpress.com. Vengeful Hearts is her debut Novelette.

In Katie’s free time, she enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, reading her way through a good book, or hanging out with delightfully fun, interesting people.

Among friends and loved ones she’s best known for her Michigan accent, her fiery red hair, and her 20-pound orange rescue cat, M.G.

Vengeful Hearts

By K.N. Licavoli   

After taking the plunge to move away from home we all deserved that independence. That freedom. That ability to start over. But as much as we tried some of us just weren’t that lucky. Demons tend to have a way of following you. Emery‚Äôs experiencing the freedom of living away from home and […]

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