Rosemary Goodacre

Rosemary has worked in the computer industry and teaching, besides raising a family. She has been short-listed in competitions, including national ones, and had stories published in The Weekly News and Take a Break. She has been published in The Guardian.
Rosemary belongs to The Write Place creative writing school, run by author and journalist Elaine Everest, which provides stimulation and constructive feedback on her work. Members of the group are regularly being published.
Rosemary belongs to the New Writers Scheme of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and has had novels critiqued by professional writers, receiving encouraging reports.
Rosemary lives in Kent, in the United Kingdom.

A Fortnight is not Enough

By Rosemary Goodacre   

Have you ever enjoyed a holiday so much you could not bear to go home?

When 18 year old Imogen from London meets Jules in the south of France she is painting a view of the river and finds he is an artist too. As a student he earns a little by restoring paintings at […]

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