Sarah Butland

I am a struggling artist, a challenging and challenged mother who always thinks she is failing, an emerging freelance writer and reporter, an author with my name on several books crossing genres and always hoping to find more readers who enjoy them.
I am also a successful artist, a wonderful and thriving mother of one, a reacher towards both people and dreams despite all of the turned backs and obstacles in my way. I am a thriving freelance writer and reporter, an author loved by enough readers to make it worthwhile and a discombobulated conundrum who loves to hear new music, tell new tales and meet new authors. And I’m doing something I always dreamed of doing – reviewing books to support others as well as myself and family.
My past is filled with complications, misunderstandings and the desire to escape them all, actually, my present is filled with all of that too, plus my past to totally throw things off balance. Oh yes, I learned to juggle when I was in grade nine but only three balls and not very well, so what the heck am I doing trying to juggle it all now? I’m living my dream, as complicated as that is most days and … I’m living my dream, just talking the side walk instead of the road for a bit. That way I can afford to fill in the pot holes before I cruise to greater success!
I am not perfect, nor have I ever been but I try. I try so damn hard every day to do the right thing and feel good about it.
So yes, I feel I have always been Imagination Captured as I try to put that aside to tell my own truth when I’m ready to read it.

Losing it at 40

By Sarah Butland   

Being alone, a virgin and comfortable in her own skin, Annie, like a lot of us, dreads turning forty. Turning forty tends to mean more challenges physically, in the bedroom and beyond. Losing It At Forty is Anne’s story and while she has, so far, lived a mundane life her world is about […]

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