A New Life

By Lauren Marie   

Fran Meadows ran from a troubled life in Michigan and on her way west found a job ad for a tattoo artist in Reno, Nevada. She needed the job. With only a few dollars in her pocket she’s been sleeping in her car. She also wanted to start over and forget her old life. Her ex-husband tried to kill her and would soon be released from prison. She worries he’ll come after her and finish what he’d started. 

Mackey ‘Mac’ Fitzgibbons is a Reno detective. When he first sees Fran he’s attracted and wants to help her get on her feet, but finds her walls hard to break down. Mac isn’t about to give up. It’s been four years since his divorce and he feels ready to take a step forward.

After they spend time together for a few days, Fran finds Mac to be a supportive friend and begins to trust him. Then her car’s broken into and other small things happen that makes her think that Reno might not be the right place for her to stay. Mac isn’t about to let her run.