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Big Mike, Little Mike

By Lauren Marie   

Michael Grifka, just discharged from his military service after two tours, wants to go to his parents house in Montana, but he’s taking the long way home. He needs to learn how to deal with civilian life again and figure out how he’s going to deal with his dad who never wanted him to join the service. He hasn’t seen his folks for twelve years. On his way through Kansas, he’s ambushed by four men, who beat him up and dump him in a corn field. He’s found by a young boy and his friends who think he’s going to turn into a zombie.

When Michael wakes up, he finds himself in the home of a woman who runs the farm. Shae MacDiarmid has two sons and Michael learns she is a strong. After her husband passed away five years earlier, she kept the farm. Her son’s are eleven and fourteen and the most important thing in the world to her is their well being. She keeps the farm going to keep a roof over their heads.

The family grabs Michael’s heart and he doesn’t want to leave, but knows he needs to get things settled at his home in Montana.