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Isolated Illusions (Oak Harbor Chronicles Book 1)

Oak Harbor Chronicles book 1

By Mariah L. Radtke   

On a snowy, November night, the sleepy island town of Oak Harbor, Washington is rocked when a beautiful, young co-ed is violently murdered. Seemingly senseless, the town calls upon it’s most seasoned officer, Detective Aiden O’Conner.
After tragedy forces Aiden to leave the Seattle Police Department, the impulsive and cocky detective happily settled back into his sedate hometown life. Now forced to revisit the painful memories that haunt his past, Aiden must overcome his own shortcomings to protect a captivating shop keeper.

Harper Jennings returned to the small island while searching for the one place that truly felt like home. Orphaned at a young age, Harper has learned to hide behind an unshakable composure and prefers her solitude. When mysterious bloody notes linked to the murder are sent to Harper, Aiden begins to investigate her past and which islander is dangerous enough to turn obsession into murder.

As the murderer closes in on his true target, Harper and Aiden engage in a torrid love affair and find out what it will take to let go of their painful past and embrace love.