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Lie in Our Grave

Her Lie

By Lauren Marie   

A part of the series, Her Lie .

Chrissa Roberts was born into the Sanctuary of the Prophet. When she turned fourteen years old the church said they wanted to send her to a Sanctuary academy for brilliant kids and her parents agreed. It wasn’t a school. For twelve years Chrissa lived in a mansion from hell. She was sex trafficked and her innocence got taken from her.

Tom Hollis is a computer geek who once helped his brother fight against the Sanctuary. He hates what the church has done to his brother and those he loves. He’ll do anything to help bring them down and wants to help Chrissa find her life again.

When Chrissa turns up in Seattle, Tom agrees to take her in and protect her from the Sanctuary. After a few days an attraction develops between them and Chrissa learns more about relations between people than she ever experienced at the evil academy. She is scared and thinks she might be taken back to the Sanctuary’s mansion