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Love in the Morning Mist

Canon City Book 3

By Lauren Marie   

Matt Hager was in the Army, injured in Afghanistan and spent several months in the VA hospital where they threatened to amputate his leg. After being discharged from his service, he got up in the middle of the night and hitchhiked home to Canon City, Colorado.

Alison Reynolds spent a year living in fear and hiding. Her ex-husband tried to kill her by slicing her back and neck open with a dull knife. She’d had almost three hundred stitches and now wore terrible scars she couldn’t face and didn’t want anyone to see.

When Matt goes to work for Alison’s brother at a construction site, they crash into each other. They’d gone to high school together. She’d been a cheerleader and he’d been a quiet nobody. Alison thinks he could be dangerous and is afraid of him.When they finally come together they find there are similar problems. She doesn’t think anyone would find her scars attractive and has nightmares about her ex-husband. He never felt worthy of her and has nightmares about surviving the attack in Afghanistan.

Will Matt and Alison find a way past their nightmares and come together?