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Portal Hop

The Haller Lake Series Book 3

By Lauren Marie   

Portal Hop starts off on the wrong foot.

Roman Lake wakes up on a flight from Cancun, but finds out he’s flying home from New York, his wife Kris Bennett-Lake isn’t his and his baby son, Otter is missing. Roman seems to be living with his best friend, Omar’s fiancé and his wife lives with a demon. Is it being caused by the Oracle, an angry ghost or Garda, the higher level demon who is seeking revenge for his son’s death?

Roman and Kris continue to fight evil as their world is turned inside-out. They discover their son has amazing talents any demon would want.
Through attacks from demons and a nosey TV investigative reporter, Roman and Kris battle to regain control of their lives. Will Roman be able to free himself from the alternate realms that he’s been caught in?