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Success Redefined

By K. Prasan   

Haunted by the demons of a teenage drama audition, a woman is forced to think about ‘What could have been?’

A middle-aged Laila revisits her teen memories of the audition that happened decades ago. Her virtual journey makes her believe that her stardom and fame was her height of success. But was it? Or was it just her devilishly crazy imagination that took us on this wild journey only to realize that her stardom was a creation of her own imagination. Vicky, her opponent who bagged the role of Belle went on to perform throughout the country and became a great movie star of international acclaim. She became the famous Victoria Kingsley who walked down red carpets and lived in million-dollar homes.

The two meet years later and have a heart-to-heart talk about that audition and their lives that followed. As Laila walks out of Vicky’s million-dollar empty palace, she wonders if she would have the grit to swap her simple, messy, always busy life with the beautiful, yet lonely life of Victoria Kingsley. Who is more successful? they are forced to ask themselves.