K. Prasan

K. Prasan earned her degree in English Literature after which her career took her on the path of Corporate Training, Content Development and HR. She married in 2005 and subsequently moved from India to Canada. She has three beautiful children; and their adorable ways make her life far too active. Her curious nature always allowed her to question the obvious, the comfortable, which led to the search for “Redefining of concepts” Her love for weaving stories continues and it led her to document her first novel Rape Relations Redefined, the first of the ‘Redefined’ series.
Success Redefined is the second novel in the series. Unlike the first, this
story is philosophical. It forces one to question life’s most daunting
confusions and allows introspection into one’s calling.

She is also the founder for Storie Hub, an online community for story-tellers, of story-tellers and by story-tellers, a hub for creativity to be honed and nurtured.

Success Redefined

By K. Prasan   

Haunted by the demons of a teenage drama audition, a woman is forced to think about ‘What could have been?’

A middle-aged Laila revisits her teen memories of the audition that happened decades ago. Her virtual journey makes her believe that her stardom and fame was her height of success. But was it? Or was […]

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