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The Power of Healing

By Hyu-Wai Loucks   

Does love have an expiration date?

Set in modern America, The Power of Healing pursues the timelessness of friendship and love. Revolving around a mere twenty-four hours in Charlotte’s life, an eighteen-year-old burgeoning pianist and medical practitioner, the novel explores the impact and value of deep friendship. In Charlotte’s rigid, mechanical mind, the world is set in black and white; the deep guilt she has been chained to for over half a decade is her identity—a terrible deed she is unable to escape from. Yet, as she unexpectedly crosses path with a chillingly familiar stranger, her eyes are opened to the subtle beauties and wonders of the world. For the first time, she truly experiences unconditional love and heart-wrenching forgiveness.

Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s profound insights on art and human nature, and structured around Carl Sandburg’s Dreams in the Dusk poem, The Power of Healing asserts that although love may seem dormant at times, it is eternal.