Hyu-Wai Loucks

Hui-Wai Lau was born in Toronto, Canada, in 1999. She spent most of her childhood in Champaign, IL, where her passions for writing and playing the flute began during middle school. She enjoys having the multi-cultural perspective of being a Chinese-Canadian and aside from writing and music, is interestested in delving deeper into the humanities and social sciences in college. She anticipates writing more in the future, but for now, is content with having her dream come true by publishing her first novel.

The Power of Healing

By Hyu-Wai Loucks   

Does love have an expiration date?

Set in modern America, The Power of Healing pursues the timelessness of friendship and love. Revolving around a mere twenty-four hours in Charlotte’s life, an eighteen-year-old burgeoning pianist and medical practitioner, the novel explores the impact and value of deep friendship. In Charlotte’s rigid, mechanical mind, the world is […]

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