Romantic Suspense

No Way Out

By Ed Hayes-Kathie Hayes   

A shopping trip to Mexico for department store rep, Anne Shaw turns into a tangled web of intrigue when she witnesses a violent death at the hands of a corrupt Mexican politician. The last words of the dying man are key to unraveling a mystery that Max DeLuca, a United States government agent has been pursuing answers to. Anne, having heard the man’s last words, is forced to join with Max as together they run, staying one step ahead of death while seeking the truth about a crime with international implications. […]

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Golden Chariot

By Chris Karlsen   

5-Star review- As with her other books, Chris Karlsen has impeccably researched her topic. Golden Chariot is engaging and full of information and insight. I thoroughly enjoyed this smart, well-written story and am looking forward to reading more from this author. Josie–Night Owl Reviews

“Dan Brown underwater! I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic thriller. Charlotte Dashiell, […]

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