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Terminus X

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Terminus X is based on an unprecedented deserter which happens after the sun ejects a massive cloud of charged plasma particles and life-altering radiation. When the solar wind reaches Earth, it destroys electronics and heats the Earth’s core to a point the planet is shattered into fragments around its molten core and moon.

One hundred years later society slowly reorganizes itself, forcing a government system onto the survivors: Xigen and HumaniX. Any leftover survivors were placed into a five-tiered cast system consisting of: Priests, Communicators, Warriors, Outcasts, and the Dregs.

With HumaniX the government outfitted with advanced in technology their reign of dominance is soon challenge by the Xigen who organize themselves with the leadership of a powerful royal family with no end of the conflict in sight.

Travis and his partner Nelson just wanted to win a race and earn some quick cash, maybe a little notoriety. That was until they flew right into the heart of a battle between the two main factions of humanity, the Xigen and HumaniX. Now caught up in a complicated web of politics, shadowy manipulations, and open warfare, Nelson and Travis are poised to decide the fate of the whole human race. And they’ve no idea who, if anyone, will survive…