New Release Spotlight: Red Soles at Night Christmas Delight

May I suggest a recipe for the perfect Christmas when all you’ve got is an empty heart? Christmas should be a joyous time, but all too often people are alone when loved ones are no longer near. This being the case for my heroine in Red Soles at Night, Christmas Delight, I chose three of my favorite ingredients to help fill the void in her life: lifelong friends, fabulous shoes, and the sparkling hope of a new beginning.
Red Soles at Night Christmas Delight

I’m a firm believer in the heart-healing power of all three ingredients. The first, friends, should be those who spring from that wonderful time before the advent of interest in the opposite sex. They know your foibles; you’ve shared uninhibited laughter, and been together through all of those adventures in mud and make-believe.  The second ingredient, well, that goes without saying. I mean, what malady of the heart would a great pair of Louboutin’s not cure??? And the third, and arguably most important ingredient – the resurgent hope that comes when a very special someone unexpectedly enters your life.

What do all three ingredients have in common? From whichever well they spring (Friendship? Lust? Hope?), their common ingredient is love. And as we know, love conquers all, even the prospect of a sad and lonely Christmas.

May you know all three ingredients this year, and . . . Merry Christmas.

About the Cary Morgan Frates:

A native of Washington State, Cary often combines her love of sports with her love of history when storytelling. Writing Historical Romance, Contemporary Adventure/Romance and Paranormal Romance. Her first Contemporary Romance short story, Red Soles at Night, Christmas Delight, was recently released as a solo title, and will also be part of a 2013 Christmas anthology Christmas is in the Air, published by Books to Go Now. Cary is best known as one half of the writing team of Morgan O’Neill. Together with Deborah O’Neill Cordes, they are working on an Elizabethan Time Travel Series, The Thornless Rose. They will soon re-release a two-part, medieval Italian Time Travel story, The Other Side of Heaven and Time Enough for Love. Prior to that, Morgan O’Neill released (2012) the best-selling Roman Time Travel Trilogy, Love, Eternally, After the Fall, and Return to Me, published by Crimson Romance.

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