Books to Go Now (BTGN) is proud to be a Traditional Publisher who works with their authors each step of the publication process. We have helped numerous authors become bestsellers with our dedication to creating only the best.

We are actively acquiring works from both aspiring and established authors. Before submitting a query or proposal, please read the guidelines below. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at: if you have questions.


Our staff works one-on-one with our authors to help them to create wonderful works of fiction. Upon publication we use a successful multi-platform strategy to promote and market their work. Our staff has helped many authors become International and Domestic Bestsellers.

Books to Go Now offers professional editing, cover design, multiple book format file creation, and most important publicity. Our staff works one-on-one with our authors to help make our author books a success one book at a time.

We accept only a small number of the thousands of submissions we receive.

Why? Because we are looking for the best. Anyone can write a book, but not everyone can write a great book. Have you written a great book or story? We would love to see your work.

If you have a submission please send it to:

Here at BTGN, we’re interested in stories with strong romantic elements.  We love romances and readers do too!  Give us a story that hasn’t been told, that has a fresh voice, a strong character/romantic arc, and that can keep us wanting to turn the page.  HEA/HFN is required.

We are accepting well-written works of fiction of 10k-30k in word count.

Current Calls


Accepted Genres

We will consider all works of fiction for publication, but we are currently most actively seeking the following genres:

Romance (Including but not limited to: Sweet, Erotic, Erotica, Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery, Suspense, Steampunk, Time travel, Chick Lit, BDSM)
Mystery & Suspense
New Adult (New Adult is where the characters are around the age of 18-24ish, out of high school or college and starting out in their life. Written in 1st person.)

Anthologies/group projects
Occasionally we at BTGN like to gather some of our best-selling short stories and put them into an anthology after they are a stand-alone publication. If these books meet our requirements, they may also be made available in paperback.


We are always excepting Christmas Submissions

We are looking for well written works of fiction 10k-15k in preparation for one of our favorite holidays. We love Christmas’s stories that focus on the lighter things in life (think romance). If your submission is short story or novella length we will publish the work as a stand-alone, but we may also choose to publish your story as part of an anthology in addition to the stand-alone.

We are not accepting:

Flash Fiction




Also, while sex between minors may be depicted offstage or in flashbacks, it should not be described for the purpose of arousing the reader.

When Submitting:

Please submit exactly and only the following:

A Query Letter with:

Your name and contact e-mail.

The name of the manuscript you are submitting and the name of the series it is a part of, if any.

The completion status and expected length of your manuscript (Word count).

The genre, the premise, and the degree of sensuality present in your manuscript.

A short but complete Synopsis focusing on the characters’ goals and motivations, the major story events, climax and ending.

A Partial which includes the first Three Chapters of your manuscript.

Formatting Your Submission:

Please follow these simple formatting guidelines precisely.

Word files only. Submissions in the body of the e-mail will not be accepted.

Double-spaced. Standard 12 point Serif, Times New Roman, or Courier font.

Emphasis and foreign words may be underlined or italicized.

Place the Query Letter only in the body of the e-mail; you may address it to the Editor-in-Chief, Jennifer Conner. Attach the Synopsis and Partial to the e-mail

Include your name, pen-name and contact e-mail in the Query Letter, Synopsis, and Partial.

Send the submissions package to with a subject line that reads: Submission_(Your Books Genre or Submissions call)_(Title)

You will receive a response with 4-6 weeks of submission.

If you have not heard from an editor at the end of one month, inquire by e-mail to as to the status of your submission.

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